Greetings Everyone!

These past few months our Chamber of Commerce Staff faced a challenging experience, beginning with the moving of our largest festival of Southern California – “Sabor De Mexico Lindo Downtown Festival” to the City of Vernon.

In meeting with the City of Huntington Park Mayor, City Manager and City Staff in the month of July, we were told that our major event could not be approved for its presentation in the downtown area due to the major City’s beautification construction project.  It is a regulation of the City that two projects occurring simultaneously cannot be approved.  A few options were presented to the Chamber of Commerce and were carefully analyzed and considered.

In speaking to our various contractors, and other experts in the field of presenting major events, the Chamber of Commerce’s goal was to ensure the same dynamics of the “Sabor De Mexico Lindo Downtown Festival.” 

We are grateful to the City of Vernon for opening their doors, and assisting our organization in hosting our major event of “Sabor De Mexico Lindo Downtown Festival.”  The 24th Annual event was presented on the weekend of October 1 and 2, 2016 and was again a Salute to National Hispanic Heritage Month.

The event was highly publicized with our annual media partners – KTLA, Channel 5, Telemundo’s – KVEA, Channel 52, plus radio stations – La Raza 97.9 FM, Jose 103.9 FM, Super Estrella 1071.FM and Mega 96.3FM and publication partners – El Aviso Magazine, El Angelino Newspaper, El Clasificado and Ooorale Magazine.

Also, our event could not be presented without the support of our major sponsors – Ford, Mountain Dew, Honey Oats, Buick, Direct TV, Ford, Dish Network, Curacao and others.  The Chamber of Commerce is also grateful to the exhibitors that every year support and participate in the event.

The City of Huntington Park was also instrumental in working with the City of Vernon and assisting them in any areas needed. History was made between two Cities working together for the presentation of our major event.

While there were comments made to us in referencing the ending of our street fair, the Chamber of Commerce strived to have it survive and continue its annual tradition.  We are grateful to the many attendees who drove to the neighboring City of Vernon and supported the event.

The Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce looks forward to returning back to our future newly beautified Downtown – PACIFIC BLVD. and welcoming the multiple thousands of families to our major events!