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 New Year with  New Goals


With the beginning of a New Year come new ideas and goals to take the Chamber of Commerce of the Huntington Park Area to the next level. With the thoughts and ideas constantly running through my mind, during the day and evening, I purposely write them down in a piece of paper so that I will not forget. Writing those respective ideas on a piece of paper and reviewing them from time to time reminds me of the good intentions and motivates me to put the plans into action.

I once heard of a famous inspirational and motivational speaker by the name of Ms. Joyce Meyer say that "wishing is for lazy people, but ideas put into action are for the workers". Ever since the age of 16 I have been working and have accomplished numerous goals since then. Projects and programs that I created throughout my career have never been with the intention of drawing attention to myself, but instead to unite and recognize others for their accomplishments.


For instance, one of the ideas I had in mind and created this past year was the "Latina Women in Business Conference and Awards Luncheon" that was presented on September 23, 2019 at the Bicycle Hotel and Casino in the city of Bell Gardens.

In the earlier months of the year 2019, I was invited to attend a Persian Women's Conference and Awards breakfast in Beverly Hills, California. I was absolutely amazed at the great professional women uniting in one place. Observing their style of clothing, handbags hair do's and makeup was such an inspiration. And then listening to the features speakers were absolutely motivating and prompted me to think that I prayed very hard, and my heart told me that I can get it done.

With faith and hope I was able to get connected with the right people. The main person I had in mind to speak with on thsi new idea was a wonderful female entrepreneur and first woman Mayor of the City of Huntington Park, Mrs. Jessica Maes-Zepeda of El Aviso Magazine. Through her guidance, motivation and support, alongside her friends and associates, and other people in our circle of connection, made our event an absolute wonderful success.

Our 1st Annual Latina Women in Business Conference and Awards Luncheon had over 200 people in attendance representing various businesses and organizations. Over 35 women received recognition for their hard work. The event proved to be an ideal occasion for the dedicated working women in the southeast communities.

I began my career as an Intern Records Clerk, Secretary, Senior Secretary, Administrative Assistant to Interim Excecutive Director/CEO. And now serving as the Executive Director/CEO of the Chamber of Commerce proves that hard work and determination indeed pays off. My goal is to ensure all female workers of the area are noticed, valued and appreciated by their superiors in the workplace.

My only hope for said project to continue, and for many other businesses to support the program by sponsoring and providing names of their female workers to get recognized at the event.

Now, for the New Year comes obviously new ideas and goals to accomplish. Currently in the works is the creation of a community foundation for the Chamber of Commerce. In researching other organizations there is absolutely no reason why I cannot create one for my Chamber.

In creating the Chamber's Community Foundation comes with a lot of benefits that will assist local small businesses and organizations that have been struggling from time to time.

If the community foundation can assist a small business owner or a non-profit organization to contimue providing quality services to the community, I know that my work and goal would have been accomplished.

As this project is still in the works, I will keep you posted.

Until next time.

Yours truly,

Leticia Martinez, Executive Director/CEO

The Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce